A simple guided movement practice


"To breathe is to begin to move"

Come Back to yourself with Movement Matters

Movement Matters offers a beautiful, safe and supportive space to follow your own innate body wisdom, and to unfold your inner world of emotions through the power of your unique dance. I create a  playlist of eclectic musical genres guiding you through a movement journey towards deeper connection towards yourself, others and the wider environment.

For those of you who enjoy the structure of yoga and the benefits it brings, Movement Matters classes bring a similar sense of connecting back to yourself through the power of movement but with the freedom to explore and to gain deeper insights into how you move through life.

By honouring your dance, your inner balance is restored, your embodied presence is increased and greater health is sparked!

Love, Tali

”Movement matters workshop with Tali was for me an amazing exploration of my body in a safe space held by lovely Tali. Her way is gentle, playful, kind, highly professional and light. She holds the space where I felt like I was in a secret ceremony. Tali’s amazing guidance allowed me to explore places within me which I have forgotten. Big thank you and much love dear Tali,” Ivana