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"To breathe is to begin to move"



Posted on August 14, 2017

I am always thinking about how to breathe a little bit more, relax a little bit more in each moment as life throws up its delicious and scaly balls of delights and uh ohhhhhs!

With my background in movement, I have come to discover that being able to “receive” (for me means to relax and surrender) is the opposite quality of creating and offering shapes i.e “giving”…obvious I know, but so tricky to really embody these opposite qualities and be in balance.

As what is life if we aren’t able to really let in all the good things as well as give all we can?  Sometimes it feels scary to let in too much… like the sirens, loud voices, relationships (healthy and unhealthy), bright lights and the full on swing of life which is fab but it can feel a bit much sometimes.  We can be living in reaction to this big offering and begin to shut down. Or we can feel like we have so much to give, receiving is never necessary. You could add your own experience in relation to this!

This is why I feel strongly that in order to learn to receive and not fear the overwhelm that receiving can bring we need to go back to the garden (public or private). Literally just by feeling our brother wind, and breathing and moving with him, against him…in different rhythms like staccato or flow, we can simply start to receive the presence of his gentle gifts. This is surely a great thing to receive!

A lot of the time, when we are in nature we relate to it from “walking” “sitting” or “standing” ~ maybe we are reading, sunbathing, mowing the lawn, watering the flowers or exercising, or looking at something (the butterflies ;). However, if we explore moving/dancing within it, we change our experience. If we move at different levels or track our bodies within the environment through our vision, we pretty soon start to feel more immersed in it and thus more deeply nourished. We also re-gain our life force as we invigorate our entire beings with the purity of nature, its quietness and its gentleness giving us a calmer space from which to bubble up again!

We can really replenish ourselves with the goodness that is already here, present in nature, so that we are filled enough to give even more healthily and from a place of ultimate well-being. YAHHHHHHH!!!

Join me and Mark Reeves on August 27th Lewes for a delicious collaboration of skills in taking you deeper in connection to yourselves, to others and nature through movement and sharing. See Workshops for more info and to book.

See fb event here

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