A simple guided movement practice


"To breathe is to begin to move"


The Facilitator

Tali Rose completed a Dance Movement Psychotherapy MA at Roehampton University in 2009. She later went on to specialise in moving outside in the natural environment, apprenticing to Dance Movement Psychotherapist and movement facilitator Dr. Sandra Reeve who runs Move Into Life. Tali then travelled to Java to work with SuPrapto Suryadarmo and his Amerta Movement practice for Summer 2014 where Tali connected very deeply to the heart of this lineage of movement work. Greatly inspired by Prapto and Java, she returned to the UK to integrate what she had learned into her classes.
Her work as a Movement Matters teacher led her to hold groups within the learning disabled communities where the power of dance is of primary importance for those who are less able to communicate verbally. She also ran weekly classes in a yoga centre, Brighton, with a regular group of participants.
Tali’s interests in the UK spanned from meditation, 5 Rhythms, Biodanza, Authentic Movement practise, shamanic practice, drumming, singing and currently completing an Iyengar Yoga Teacher training programme.  
What is Movement Matters?
It is a simple, guided movement practice. It helps you discover how you relate to yourself, others and the environment. It encourages you to find variations in your movements, challenges any fixed sense of self and gives you the space to create new choices through your body. 
Who is it for?
All are welcome! You are warmly invited to join from those of you that have inhibitions and who say you can’t dance and for those of you who enjoy moving your body to music.
Why does Movement Matter?
Dance has existed throughout the ages and is a worldwide phenomenon for humans since we first gathered in community.  Dance is a form of ritual to celebrate and honour one’s own life, as well as a medium to connect with vitality, wellbeing and vigour ultimately helping you to express your soul and free your spirit.
What to expect?
Tali creates a beautiful playlist of eclectic musical genres guiding you through a movement journey. She will help you, through the music and her instructions, to follow your own innate body wisdom and to unfold your own inner emotions through the power of dance. 
For those of you who enjoy the structure of yoga and the benefits it brings, this class brings a similar sense of connecting back to yourself through the power of movement but with the freedom to explore free flowing movements. There is no right or wrong way to move!
You will be gently guided to:
  • ​discover what happens when you try a different movement quality ​
  • follow your line of movement
  • notice how you move through space
  • become aware of what you notice in your movement and practise giving it value
  • develop your sense of witnessing, listening and moving
  • explore one attitude and its opposite through movement    
Benefits you will receive:
  • feel alive to yourself
  • free up blocked energy and restore inner balance
  • feel pleasure in your body
  • gain deeper insights about how you move/feel which leads to greater freedom. The freedom to change (or not change), if you want!
  • develop an inner resource to apply to a daily life practice
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